My Experience with Lenovo Customer Support - Broken Hinge Issue on Y700

Swapneel   1 year, 6 months ago

Cover image: My Experience with Lenovo Customer Support - Broken Hinge Issue on Y700

My laptop of choice is the Lenovo Y700 and I absolutely love most of the things about it apart from the battery life (well, that’s expected from a gaming laptop after all). Around 6-7 months ago I observed that the hinge on my laptop had swollen a bit and was making weird noises which someone would never expect from such a premium gaming laptop. To be very honest, laptops which cost even one-third of the price of this laptop have perfectly working hinges. The swollen part was an eyesore to look at on such an expensive piece of technology. Once, while opening the lid, the lid wouldn’t open at all. The hinge was stuck and the rear metal casing which is stuck to the plastic portion of the hinge had come out of its place.

I went to an authorized local Lenovo service center in my city and complained but they weren’t having the required parts at that moment. As I use my laptop for most of the things I do, it posed as a challenge to use a broken laptop. When I visited the service centre for the second time, the people there suggested me to claim ADP and contact Lenovo customer support through their toll-free number and ask for onsite repair. Thanks to ADP – accidental damage protection, as it came to my rescue and helped me get my laptop fixed. Let’s talk about how the whole process spanned. Spoiler alert, Lenovo’s customer service is absolutely incredible.

The Process

I had to call the support team only twice. The first call was done by me on the 7th of July and it involved me generating a complaint regarding the issue and them telling me about the process. They collected my details as well as the nitty-gritty about the laptop. The whole process basically involves sending them 6 photos from every angle and filling up of a form. The 6 angles basically are pictures taken from different directions which are – top, bottom, left, right, front and rear. As soon as I disconnected the call, I got an email with the ADP claim form as an attachment and a request to send the 6 angle snapshots as early as possible. I sent the pictures along with a scanned copy of filled up ADP claim form on the 8th of July. By the evening of the same day, I received an email stating that my replacement parts are on the way and that the service engineer will be at my house with the products shortly. On the 12th of July, I received a call from the engineer and he asked if I was free. I asked him to come the next day and he was there at my house on the 13th of July.

Service in progress

While the engineer was there at my house, he pulled out the front and the back metal panels of the laptop and started replacing the hinge as well as the upper display assembly. I personally felt that the engineer had a pretty good idea of the laptop and was known as to what he has to do very well. After the service was done, he asked me to properly have a look at the things that have been changed and whether any issue persists or not, he then asked me to sign on his phone, probably a document which would indicate that the service has been done to my satisfaction. Later on, I received an email stating the same and it had a receipt of sorts as an attachment which clearly stated as to what parts were replaced, the name of the engineer, my address and other relevant details.

I am pleasantly surprised by the kind of service Lenovo India offers, for your information, I am currently in Patna, and maybe that’s the reason parts took some 3-4 days to arrive, which in my opinion is still really fast. Had it been a tier-1 city, I guess the service would have been even faster. Overall I am really happy, satisfied and highly impressed with the kind of service Lenovo India provides. I can happily and easily recommend Lenovo products to anyone knowing that they will provide excellent service if anything goes haywire.

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