iPad Pro 10.5 in 2018: Still worth it?

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I recently got the iPad Pro 10.5 from Flipkart during a sale, the MRP on the base variant is about INR 51,000 (750 USD) but I was able to grab it for about 38,300 (563 USD). Whether the device is worth it or not will be answered through this article but at that price, it was an amazing deal for sure. While discussing I will keep its current selling price in mind which is around Rupees 49,500 (728 USD). Let us take a closer look at what makes or breaks the iPad Pro 10.5 as a tablet which was launched in 2017 and how well has it held up till now (July 2018). (image - harvey norman)


The iPad Pro comes with the Apple A10X chipset underneath which is a slight improvement over the A10 which powers the iPhone 7 line up. Even one year later, in terms of performance, the iPad Pro remains a force to reckon with. Everything just flows and glides and the iPad handles everything with ease. The 4GB of RAM helps a lot with multitasking as even apps opened a couple of days earlier remain in memory when you need them. Apple’s iOS 11 is probably not the best version of its mobile operating system in terms of fluidity, but the iPad pro still handles everything (which includes heavy games like PUBG, video streaming apps, and productivity) like a boss. The iOS 12 is around the corner and it promises to fasten up things a lot. Going forward and keeping in my mind Apple’s promise, the iPad Pro 10.5 is only going to get better in terms of the overall user experience which it offers.

Design and Sound

Apple has had a very fixed design language when it comes to its products over the past few years (iPhone X and Mac Pro being an exception to that rule). The iPad Pro 10.5 looks like the iPad Pro from 2016 and the iPad Air 2 from a couple of years ago which basically is a slab of metal to the back and glass to the front. It is razor thin at 6.1mm and you can really feel the thinness. Compared to previous iterations of the iPad, the Pro 10.5 has slightly reduced bezels on the front which makes a big difference, especially while consuming media. On the front, it also has the Touch ID built into the home button which works flawlessly and is really fast in identifying user’s finger and unlocking the device. The biggest asset of the Pro 10.5 has to be the quad stereo speaker system, be it in landscape or be it in portrait you’ll feel the audio coming out of all the corners of the tablet. I’ve stopped charging my Bluetooth speaker and connecting my phone to it. I listen to all my songs on the iPad and it gets so loud that my roomies complain at times. Initially, the speakers were a bit shrill but with time, the drivers have loosened up and the sound output has become really good now. The bass levels aren’t the best but the sheer clarity of the audio and the loudness more than makeup for it.


The iPad Pro features a 10.5” 1668 pixels X 2224 pixels IPS LCD display and was the first display on a mobile device to feature a high refresh rate of 120Hz (a feature which Apple likes to call as Pro Motion). I personally find the display to be adequately sharp and bright. The colours do look really bright and black levels are decent. It isn’t however very saturated as one may find on an AMOLED panel. Don’t get me wrong here. The display quality is fantastic it’s just that I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S8 for a while and I am spoilt. The higher than usual refresh rate makes a big difference especially when you need to swipe on the screen and more so when playing graphics intensive games like PUBG. This display also has Apple’s tru-tone feature inbuilt with the help of which the temperature of the display automatically adjusts itself to cooler or warmer hues with regards to the lighting around the device.


The standby time on this iPad is insane, you can let it sit in a place at 100% battery and come back after 2 days to find out that it is at 95%. The on-screen time as promised by Apple is around 10 hours, which is possible because of the 8134 mAh battery which powers the device. The only gripe which I have with regards to the battery is that the time which it takes to get fully charged. I haven’t really timed it but I guess it takes around 3.5 hours to charge completely. Sadly, this iPad doesn’t feature fast charging like the latest iPhones do.

Other important aspects


As I have already mentioned about PUBG, let’s talk about gaming in a bit more detail. For a game like PUBG wherein there are a lot of controls on the screen, such a big screen makes perfect sense. And given the 120Hz panel, amazing speakers, good display, and decent battery. The experience is really something which Apple should be proud of. This isn’t obviously limited to PUBG, the iPad Pro can handle any game available on the App store with ease.


Even though I have been using the iPad pro for about 6 weeks now, I still haven’t felt the need to go and buy myself a keyboard cover or the Apple pencil. I do understand here that probably I am not using this device to its full potential. I have typed a couple of articles on this website using my iPad and I was very comfortable and fast with the virtual onscreen keyboard. I personally feel that this is the best tablet Apple has ever made and is definitely the best tablet available in the market today. At the current asking price of about 50,000 INR, it is definitely very expensive and a general customer would rather prefer a windows laptop which is much more productive. If you haven’t used an Apple product before, let me spill the beans for you. Apple mostly banks on the kind of experience which it is able to provide with its devices. And as far as experience goes the iPad Pro 10.5 2017 delivers.

The question of whether this device actually commands a price tag of 50,000 INR is something which can really confuse a lot of people. I personally would have never spent so much money on a tablet. I, however, got it for 38300 INR which I feel was a great deal. To conclude, if you can spend 50,000 INR go ahead and do it as even a year later this is an amazing piece of technology. I would also like to remind you that the next generation of the iPad Pro with improved internals and tweaked design is around the corner. I’ll be posting a separate article talking about the kind of changes and enhancements we can expect with the 2018 model. After the arrival of which, the prices of the previous generations will go down. So, whether you will bite the bullet or not is up to you.

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