Top features of Apple iPhone XS and the XS MAX

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Apple launched the Apple iPhone XS and the XS Max at an event held earlier today at Steve Jobs Theatre, Cupertino, California. The XS is a spiritual successor to the iPhone X launched last year.

The iPhone XS and the XS MAX come as big updates to the last year's iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the X. Here in this article, I take a look at the top new features of these phones.

New Display

The iPhone XS MAX is completely new and features a new Super Retina 6.5" display which is an OLED panel and features a PPI of 458. It's HDR capable and Apple hasn't brought the 120Hz Pro-Motion display yet from the iPad Pros.


A12 Bionic SOC

The new A12 Bionic comes as an upgrade over the A11 Bionic chip from last year. This chipset enables better battery life and comes with what Apple likes to call as the "Next generation Neural Engine".

New Improved Cameras

The new iPhones sport 12 MP dual cameras with dual OIS and have an all-new sensor. They come with Portrait mode with depth control, advanced bokeh and extended dynamic range in the video. The pixel is rather large at 1.4 microns and it has an aperture of f/1.8. As far as front cameras are concerned, Apple is calling them ass TrueDepth cameras which feature Advanced Face ID and are also capable of 1080p 60fps video along with stabilization.

Dual SIM

Apple has finally embraced Dual Sim card slots for the iPhones. Now Apple allows users to insert one SIM card through the slot and use one of the Apple SIM which is inbuilt. However, for China, Apple will be making a different version which will feature 2 slots for 2 different SIM cards which are first for an iPhone.

You can follow our coverage on our website of Apple's latest event. Do let us know in the comments as to what you think are the coolest new features of the new iPhones.





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